The western Paris region,
An environment for innovation

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Key figures
industrial region
in Île-de-France
port spaces in Île-de-France
3 000 000
2 460 km2
Surface area
La Défense
leading business hub in Europe
1.5 million jobs
or 26% of the regional capacities
58% of the region
comprised of natural spaces

Connection to the World

Mobility developed

Well served, the western Paris region is easily accessible. New developmental projects continue to improve mobility.

The western Paris region, sea port gateway to the capital city region

Very high speed progress

To address the needs of companies, industrial firms and the inhabitants,
the western Paris region has deployed very high speed connection across its region.

Almost 70% of the Hauts-de-Seine is covered by the THD Seine infrastructure deployed underneath the roads.
100% of public schools equipped with fibre-optic cables are serviced by THD Seine.


With the linkage of public sites, buildings, primary and high schools, and departmental fire and rescue services, the network will reach over 800 km by end 2017. The Yvelines Numériques syndicate, created in 2016, manages and markets the network of companies, manages the project involving the general public network and handles relations with private operators. By 2020, the fibre-optic network for individuals will spread across 3,000 km.

Undertake in the western Paris region

Innovation in all its forms

Thanks to its competitive clusters, its hotels and incubators, the western Paris region attracts the most inventive businesses.

Leading in R&D

The western Paris region has the largest number of people in Île-de-France dedicated to private research.
It also receives the most investments from businesses in the region.

The western Paris region
7 billion €
Salaried jobs
48 270
% of researchers*
36 229
Part dans l’ouest francilien en l’Île-de-France
62 %
Salaried jobs
60 %
% of researchers
63 %
Part dans l’ouest francilien en France
23 %
Salaried jobs
19 %
% of researchers
22 %
Source: MENESR-SIES A2-1 Research cluster; 2014 semi-final data – This data concerns establishments whose investment is above 2 million euros.

*Number of researchers in FTE

A stimulating environment

2nd higher education cluster in Île-de-France

The region is brimming with skills with almost 113,000 students, including 7,600 student engineers, and 20,000 apprentices.
Student 2014-2015 numbers – Sources: MENESR – DGESIP/DGRI – SIES A2-3 and OpenData Île-de-France

The main education estiblishments
Engineering and agronomics school
Business school
Architecture, design, landscaping and environment
University, University branch
Law, economics and political sciences
Communication, journalism
Art, image and sound
Perfume and cosmetics
International establishment

Fillers of excellence

1st digital cluster, n°1 in automotive, aviation, defence and technical and scientific engineering in Île-de-France.

Live in the western Paris region

The western Paris region, an exceptional region

25 projects for urban renovation, child care solutions, 58% of natural spaces, 3 sites classified as world heritage sites by UNESCO,
2 regional natural parks, major cultural and sports projects…